Circle of Flowing Truth

An autonomous collective of the Reformed Druids of Gaia

Hail & Welcome !!!

 Brightest of Blessings and Welcome to
Circle of Flowing Truth

The Circle of Flowing Truth has been recognized as a proto-grove with
the Reformed Druids of Gaia (RDG) since July of 2011. 

Circle of Flowing Truth formed to aid it’s members on their path to finding and understanding the Deity and Universal Truth. We are open to new members and encourage those who are looking for a path or need a new way to look at their own to join us.

We are floating our spiritual river and going with the flow of the Earth Mother.


Current High Day


Tago de Multaj Manĝaĵoj - 25 November
Vintra solstico - 22 December


Grove News & Blog Posts

   The Circle's various Blog Post can be found under the News link on the left side of this homepage. Upon going to through the News Link to the right in the sidebar you will see the categories section for the various posts. You will also the most recent Blog Entries to the right in the sidebar.