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Card Reading Dec. 19,2011

Posted by [email protected] on December 19, 2011 at 2:30 PM

Today's Card Reading (Dec. 19, 2011)
No.33 Seek Solitude, No.5 Sleep on It, No.32 Aura Cleanse

No.33 Seek Solitude: Time to unplug and do some personal spiritual work. Your spirit needs this psychic maintenance.
No.5 Sleep on It: At this time do not struggle for answers. Instead, step away from the problem and literally put your worries to bed. Surrender your concerns to higher forces while you s...lumber, invite your support team (guardian angels, guides) to find the solutions to your challenges and place them directly into your subconscious to be accessed upon your waking.
No.32 Aura Cleanse: The toxic buildup of psychic pollution that comes from living in today's world is dimming your awareness and lowering your energy. there is no need to worry, there is a simple solution, take an Aura Cleansing bath.

Today's Overview: The cards are calling for you to take time for you. Retreat from the mundane world so that you can find your balance and rest. If your schedule doesn't allow for a big change of scenery then use the prescribed Aura Cleanse as your brief retreat, it will help. I know it seems like in that analyze I forgot the advice to "Sleep on It", though if you're caught up in a whirl of work and business (I for one currently am) you can't just lie down. So upon heading to bed tonight recap your day then revive those issues you may be having and hand them over at that time.

Brightest Blessings All & May You Never Thirst,
AD Jeffrey /|\

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