Rev. Jeffrey Carlier's 3rd Order Initiation Rev. Jeffrey Carlier's 3rd Order Initiation The Altar the few items required for the Ordination 139028656 Initiation Beginning Rev. Carlier centering before the start 139028657 the Invocation 139028658 Meditation contemplative meditation upon the Oath & duties of this Clergy Status 139028659 W-o-L 1 taking up the Chalice for the Waters-of-Life 139028660 W-o-L 2 the Consecration of the Waters-of-Life 139028661 W-o-L 3 Partaking of the Waters-of-Life 139028662 pendant 1 the blessing & consecration of his 3rd Order pendant 139028663 pendant 2 further charging and focusing 139028664 Declaration as Clergy taking in the energies around him while being named a 3rd Order Priest in the RDG/OMS 139028665 Opening the circle 139028666