Circle of Flowing Truth Grove

An autonomous collective of the Reformed Druids of Gaia

Grove Members

The Officers

Archdruid - Rev. Jeffrey "Dykarzy" Carlier II,AD

 Rev. Jeffrey is a 7th Degree member of both the Reformed Druids of Gaia(RDG) & the Order of the Mithril Star(OMS).

    Jeffrey  was able to reach this point on his life path because of the open minded but tough guidance of his mother. When he went to her and asked "what's that, why's it...", and the like she told him to look it up. So through his inquisitive nature, research, and life experiences he found the warm embrace of Mother God and since October of 2001 he has been dedicated to the path of the Ancient Ones.

    Jeffrey is ordained through the Universal Life Church, & the ULC Monastery. He also enjoys membership in the Fellowship of Isis (FOI), & the Fellowship of Druidism for the Latter Age (FoDLA).

Jeffrey is also 1st degree in the Correllian Nativist Tradition where he is also a Personal Shrine Keeper for his Shrine of the Divine Court. He is currently awaiting approval for other Shrines and Orders in the Tradition.


Grove Clerk - Dru. Dalton Carlier

Information coming soon...

Grove Server - Dejah Carlier

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